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Elegance Wine Story for Waterford

Elegance Wine Story

Skillfully Crafted

Made by Hand
Deep V-Plunge
Mouthblown Bowl
Pulled Stem
Hand-Shaped & Carved Foot
Clear, Lead-Free Crystal
Elegant Shape

Engage the Senses

TASTE: Crisp Rim
FEEL: Soft, Elegant Stem
SIGHT: Perfect Clarity and Colour
SCENT: Bouquet Enhancing Bowl Aperture
SOUND: Fine Crystal

Watch the extraordinary craftsmanship of Elegance

"The soft stem, gentle shape, curve of the bowl and deep V plunge add to the ultimate tasting experience."

The Collection

Fine wine and quality spirits can only be fully and truly appreciated when experienced in the proper vessel.

The Waterford Elegance Series is a crowning achievement of craftsmanship and the pinnacle of elite fine wine and spirits enjoyment. Each lead free crystal stem is uniquely contemporary in design and deportment, with a clear, delicate bowl, striking deep V plunge, crisp rim, pulled stem and flawlessly modern profile - all of which, add to the ultimate tasting experience.

The Experience

For as long as there has been wine to taste, wine tasting has been regarded as both art and science. Appearance, bouquet, taste, mouth feel, balance and finish all contribute to the complexity, character and enjoyment of any vintage. Just as important to full appreciation are the attributes of the ideal glass. The sleek, sexy shape, precise weight and perfect balance found exclusively in Waterford crystal bring out notes and subtleties impossible to discern in inferior quality glass or plastic.


As makers of the world’s finest crystal champagne flutes and coupes, Waterford is unequivocally the highest authority on the art of celebration. This wealth of entertaining expertise culminates in the Waterford Elegance Series for champagne and sparkling wines.

When the bubbly flows, the delicacy and narrow profile of the Classic Champagne Flute lends itself to special moments from grand toasts to tête-à-têtes. Round and racy, the Belle Champagne Coupe feels luxurious in the hand, with clarity of crystal that intensifies the effervescent attributes of the vintage.

"Champagne is one of the elegant extras in life."

Dom Perignon, at the moment he discovered Champagne

Elegance Champagne


The Waterford Elegance Series has a hand-made crystal stem to suit every red wine varietal. A crisp rim and oversize bowl captures dense notes and allows flavors room to breathe. Tangy tannins can be fully appreciated in the deep V plunge that concentrates the bouquet. Clear, lead free crystal allows for visual appreciation of a red’s many hues. The smooth stem and slightly oversized foot encourages a good swirl.

Available in Bordeaux, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Rose Shiraz, Stemless.


White wine stems in the Waterford Elegance Series bring out the best in every bottle. Each varietal glass is crafted with the ideal attributes for maximum enjoyment of all white wines, with perfectly executed bowls for bouquet and flavor release, flared rim for release of citrus notes, and slim stem for a soft hand feel. The modernist profile and Waterford clarity of fine crystal contribute to the overall taste and visual appeal of a fine white wine.

Available in Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Stemless.

Elegance Red Wine Elegance White Wine


Single malt whiskies, artisanal vodkas, Anejo tequilas, craft beers, and fine Cognac deserve as much attention and appreciation as fine wine. The Waterford Elegance Collection respects and reveres spirits of all colors and proofs with hand crafted lead free crystal vessels.

Available in Lager/Beer, Brandy, Martini, Single Malt.


Well versed in elegant entertaining, the perfect host offers a wide variety of refreshments from the bar, and the Waterford Elegance Series provides everything necessary for peerless presentation. The collection includes a sumptuous Short Decanter , Tall Decanter , Carafe , Individual Carafe , Champagne Cooler , all with rich, contemporary platinum banding.

"In Wine, There's Truth."

Pliny the Elder, "Natural History"

Elegance Barware