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Lismore Gold - The Golden Age of Lismore

Lismore Gold

Nothing says elegance and opulence like gold. Waterford designers have crafted a golden range of innovative Lismore creations.

From exquisite tableware for fine dining, beautiful barware, for entertaining to captivating candlesticks and lavish décor. This golden edition is one that has been long-awaited.

Introducing a new evolution in the beloved Lismore pattern.

Presenting soft shapes and classic Waterford cutting, the collection’s stemware and glasses are enhanced with a gold shadow gap. The effect is amplified with the introduction of amethyst-cased crystal, which creates rich, proportional depth and dimension.

The golden age of Lismore

GOLD |gõld|


1. A yellow malleable metallic element chiefly found in a few minerals and is used especially in coins, jewellery and fine luxury gifts.

2. Something resembling gold; especially: something valued as the finest of its kind: a heart of gold.

3. A medal awarded as the first prize in a competition: a gold medal.

The Language of Gold

Italian: Oro

Arabic: Arabic symbol for Gold

German: Gold

French: Or

Hindi: Hindi symbol for Gold

Chinese: Chinese symbol for Gold

Japanese: Japanese symbol for Gold

Afikaans: Goud

Greek: Greek symbol for Gold

Lismore Gold bowls