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Marquis Lighting by Waterford

Marquis by Waterford logo


Marquis by Waterford are proud to announce a new range of decorative lighting. The collection reflects the history and heritage of the Waterford name as well as interpreting classic designs into modern day lighting. The range is fully tested to strict European regulations so it is completely safe to use in damp environments with both UL and CE certification the collection is guaranteed to offer industry leading durability and performance.


The Waterford design studio is the incubator for the dreams and inspirations that became Waterford Crystal. The designers spend years learning their craft, with hands on experience in every aspect of the crystal making process. With imagination and artistic vision, designers have captured the spirit of Waterford in this new and exciting range of lighting by updating and reinventing classic Waterford patterns for the contemporary tastes of a global audience.


We can trace Waterford Crystal back to 1783 when the first glass blowing factories opened in Ireland. Waterford Glass was immediately recognized for its clarity and purity of colour which led to worldwide fame and recognition for the company as crystal glassmakers of distinction. Through the company’s illustrious history Waterford have supplied Royal Palaces, iconic buildings, Royal Navy ships one of the most celebrated was to supply the Royal Household of Queen Victoria in 1887 to commemorate the Queen’s Golden Jubilee.

Marquis lighting is supplied by a partner under license. Further information and shopping facilities are provided on the partner website

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